Toasted Coconut Peach Cups

If you are looking for a super, simple dessert that you can make in a matter of fifteen minutes, than this one is calling your name! It's fresh, healthy, and if you love anything coconut like me, you can not go wrong with this. XO, Hannah Be sure to check out my Instagram and Facebook [...]


Cranberry Almond Turkey Burgers

You guys, the pet food store opened up next to my work, and its literally like dog heaven outside today. So many doggies!! Something about summer has me always thinking burgers on the grill sound so good. Whenever I go home to visit my parents, and they ask I either want grilled chicken, or burgers. [...]

Autoimmune Days 8-11

Hey everyone! I hope your week has been treating you well. This is not going to be too long of a post, but I discovered that having an excess  amount of sugar in a short amount of time really affects my skin. I was doing fine for a couple days, and then when I was coming [...]

Blueberry Rhubarb Crisp

IT'S FARMERS MARKET SEASON!! I'm so excited to be able to get fresh produce every weekend. It's literally the best. This was the first weekend of the downtown farmers market here, and they said that it opened at 7:30. I had to force myself to not get there right at 7:30. I went for a [...]

Autoimmune Protocol Days 3-5

I decided that I would start posting every couple a days with all my meals, and some updates. I thought it was unnecessary to tell you guys about the left overs I was eating if it was a majority of my meals, or if I wasn't seeing any progress. If something Major happens, or any [...]

Autoimmune Diet Day 2

Well I realized today that I probably should have avoided the almond milk latte yesterday at breakfast since almond milk comes from almonds... whoops. This is making me even more aware of everything I am putting into my mouth. Every spice, every hidden ingredient, it's nuts! Today is going very well, my skin hasn't been itchy, [...]