Roasted Veggie Fries with Balsamic Dip

So I honestly don't really care about the Super Bowl. I think I care most about the super bowl for Super Bowl parties, and Super Bowl party snacks, but lets be honest, I think I've been to one super bowl party in my life, and I just went because it was at my grandma and [...]


Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal Bake (GF)

Hopefully everybody's new year is off to a great start. I know mine has been! If you didn't see my instagram post, I took a little break from the blog to figure out where I wanted to go with it, and what things I wanted to share. In the meantime, I enjoyed my trip to [...]

Autoimmune Protocol Days 3-5

I decided that I would start posting every couple a days with all my meals, and some updates. I thought it was unnecessary to tell you guys about the left overs I was eating if it was a majority of my meals, or if I wasn't seeing any progress. If something Major happens, or any [...]