Energy Balls (Oat-Free, No Added Sugar)

  It's You Thyme's one-year anniversary!!! For one year I have been able to share my love of food, and journey through self-care with you all. I want to thank anyone who has read any of my posts so much! If this is the first time you are reading something I have posted, or if you've [...]

100 Calorie Breakfast Biscuits

People show their love in a variety of different ways. Mine just so happens to be making people food. I make food for Jake everyday, not because he expects it, but because that is the one thing I truly like doing everyday for him. My favorite, in particular, is to make him a nice breakfast, [...]

Pork Crusted Egg Bake with Caramelized Onions and Asparagus

This one goes out to all my fellow college students. Four more weeks. We just have to get through four more weeks.  While it seems like its dragging on, I can't believe the school year is actually over again. Wasn't I a little freshman like yesterday? Now, only one more year left. I tell myself I [...]

Nut Butter Eggs

I will never understand midwest weather. One day its 60 and sunny, the next we have a snow storm. Like come on, really? Can't you just pick a temperature and stick with it? Apparently not. It especially sucks when I see all my friends on their warm, spring break trips, and I'm stuck here sitting [...]

Dark Chocolate Cherry Granola Bars

On Monday I officially completed my first 21 day-sugar-detox. Yeah, the beginning sucked, but once I got to the third week, it really wasn't that bad. Most people would think that come the day it ended, you would just want to indulge in whatever sweets, fruits, or wine you could get your hands on, but [...]

Chicken Chowder

We've lucked out this winter in Wisconsin, and it hasn't been TOO terribly cold. For me though, I'm a freeze baby. I think it's cold all the time.  Having to get out of bed to go shovel off my car, or walking across the bridge to class makes me cold just thinking about it. Thats why [...]