Minnesota Eats

The Bad Waitress (Minneapolis) The Lowry (Minneapolis) Sotarol (Minneapolis/Edina) Birchwood Cafe (Minneapolis) The Number 4 (Mankato) French Meadow (Minneapolis/St. Paul) The Copper Hen Grabbagreen (Maple Grove) The Fresh Squeeze (Elk River)


Autoimmune Day 6-7

So this morning I woke up with the BIGGEST craving for some dark chocolate. I didn't even remember until I opened up my cabinet this morning to grab something, that I had a half-full bag of dark chocolate chips from a couple weeks ago tucked in the back. The urge to just have a little [...]

Ranch Roasted Carrots

Today was a big day!! Why, you ask? I ATE CARROTS AND DIDNT GET SICK! For many years now, I have been allergic to carrots, and when I would eat them they would give me a terrible itchy throat, I would have trouble breathing, and I would get really sick to my stomach. Raw, and cooked [...]

Chicken Chowder

We've lucked out this winter in Wisconsin, and it hasn't been TOO terribly cold. For me though, I'm a freeze baby. I think it's cold all the time.  Having to get out of bed to go shovel off my car, or walking across the bridge to class makes me cold just thinking about it. Thats why [...]