Blog in Real Life

IMG_1502I decided this was going to be my first official post to the blog. I was considering a “welcome” post, or an “About Me” post, but no, this post has so much to say about what myself, and this blog are about; FOOD & SELF-CARE.

Bolton Refuge inc, a local, domestic violence shelter, and a place I’ve spent my time volunteering and interning at, asked me if I would like to lead a food group to the clients, teaching them how to cook, and how to make healthier food choices utilizing the food they have available to them. I was so excited. Of course, I wanted to do this! I was going to be leading it every other week, switching off with another great volunteer who also has a great passion for cooking.

What a better opportunity to incorporate food, and self care, which is truly what I want this blog to be about, than providing the opportunity for those who could really use self-care in their life, and the knowledge of a healthier life style through their food choices.

Today, one client came. One client was all I needed. It was a start! We had a great time going over the recipe for chili, and corn bread I brought. She told me about the different tricks she tried, and was very interested in the things I did, that she hadn’t heard of before. When you have limited resources for groceries, you have to get creative.

Chili and Corn Bread we made.

Thinking about the knowledge I can share with these people to improve their health makes me giddy. I am a nerd when it comes to this kind of stuff. I can get carried away so easily. That’s basically why I wanted this to be my first post. Today was so much what this is about. I got to bring my blog to real life, before the blog truly even started. Now, I want others to be able to have this experience by using the recipes, and self-care tips I provide.


I can’t wait to get everything up on the blog, and let the journey begin. A journey that will be for both you and me! Thank you so much if you are actually here reading this, I appreciate you so so much!!