New Year, New Me?


Isn’t that how the saying goes? Well I’m not going to become a new me this year, but rather continue becoming me. Since it’s the last day of the year, I thought it was appropriate to talk about the upcoming year. 2016 had it ups, and its downs. I would say overall, 2016 was the year of finding myself. My passions have grown in ways I wouldn’t have thought, I’ve found a direction I want to take my life, and I have begun to live a more self-love and forgiveness.

In 2017, I want to keep growing in my love, and passions for caring for myself and for others. With this being my last semester of school, and the schedule I have between a full time internship in Victim/Witness, working 2 jobs, and one day of class per week, self-care is going to be essential for making it to graduation in a healthy mental state. I truly am excited for everything this last semester is going to bring, and all of the things I will learn.

Another goal I have set forth for myself is not to settle. I am going to do things I want to do. I have lived many years of my life holding back thoughts and feeling, and just going with the flow of what others have chosen to do, or what I have felt would make them the most happy. Sometimes, I truly do not care because I am just a go with the flow type of person, and I do want others to be happy, but other times I have an inner battle that leaves me unsatisfied. In 2017, I want to be happy and free, and do the things I want to do. Even if that sounds cliché, it’s true.

Lately, I have seen so many lives taken too young. When I see people my age, whose lives end in a blink of an eye, it really freaks me out. I think about how it could be me in that situation, and all of the things I still want to do. It’s made me realize more than ever, that life is too short to just be satisfied. I see all these people going to amazing places, taking risks, and doing things that I wish I were doing. This is the year I start doing those things. I know time, money, and location makes these easier for certain people, but with what I am able to do, I want to get out and explore everything that I possibly can.

I’m already starting out strong, because the second day of the year I’m traveling with my best friend! Even though I am postponing moving like I wanted to, I still have the plans in the next year or so to move to the mountains, and just live somewhere new for a while. I need a change of scenery.

2017 is going to be the year that I don’t hold back, and I hope you don’t either. Please let me know what kind of recipes, and other self-care lifestyle posts you would like to see from me this year!



2 thoughts on “New Year, New Me?

  1. In the numerology of your name is a 2…can be a people pleaser, a peace keeper, can bring insecurities, quite social. So this healing path you are on is very important as you learn to listen to your desires and find a way to still support others but not at your own expense.

    You have a VERY busy schedule for this last semester so please do take care of YOU in the process.

    Wishing you the best, Katelon

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