Stand Up for Yourself

If you’ve been reading my blog for a little while, you know that I have pretty bad dermatitis, and over all just very sensitive skin. Over the last six to eight months I have worked to naturally heal my skin. I started out by going on an autoimmune protocol diet for about a month, and then slowly reintroduced foods. At this point, I know which foods trigger it more than others. Tomatoes and peppers for example, are foods I know may cause my skin to flare up a little, but I still include them in my diet occasionally. Gluten, dairy, soy are the few others that I try to avoid when possible.

My goal of this entire thing was to get away from using the steroid creams and ointments that I was prescribed. The first switch I went to was just using coconut oil all over my skin. We all know that coconut oil is the cure for everything. Well, it wasn’t the cure for me. I then started using a combination of jojoba oil, and coconut oil. This seemed to do pretty well, and seemed to really smooth my skin. Fast-forward until now. I have switched out the shampoos I was using, I use handmaid natural bar soap, essential oil mixed in my coconut oil, basically I have done trial and error with just about every natural skin method you can find online.

Out of nowhere my skin started going crazy again, but like extra crazy this time. I was so itchy that I couldn’t sleep, and I had what looked like hives mixed in with my rash. I tried some different cream and remedies to stop it, but I could not get it to go away. I was tracking what I was eating to see if something was causing an allergic reaction, I washed all my bedding, cleaned the house, but nothing stuck out as to why my skin decided to go nuts. For the sake of being able to sleep at night, I ended up taking a Benadryl, and putting some of my old ointment on. I was really desperate. I called my dermatologist the next day because my skin was so raw it hurt to wear pants, and I wanted to see if it was just my dermatitis flaring up because of the weather change and I wasn’t used to it since it had been so long, or if I was having an allergic reaction to something.

Now were at the appointment. So here’s me describing to the nurse what I have been doing for the last year, and why I haven’t come in until now. I was explaining to her how I had switched to natural skin products, and had great results, but I just wanted to see what was going on with this recent reaction. She then relays this info to the actual dermatologist.

Now the dermatologist walks in, and I’ll spare you some reading about the whole scenario that went on, but before he could even sit down begins to lecture me about my choices of taking care of my skin. He kept telling me the natural way is fine, but I need to stop pussyfooting (his words) around with my skin because science has shown that all the creams he has given me actually work. Then I told him about how I changed my diet, and saw some great things happen for me. He immediately shot that down, and said the foods I eliminated had no correlation with the rashes from dermatitis, and that I probably am healthier from the way I eat, but it was not helping my skin. The only solution for my skin in his eyes was more steroids and some pills. I couldn’t hardly say anything to him, without him telling me about his family and how great his treatments work for them. By the end of my appointment I was so upset on the way he treated me, even if he didn’t believe in the things I tried, I never wanted to go back to him again.

Just know that standing up for yourself is okay. Be proud of what you believe in, and if something works well for you, stick to it. Just because someone tells you otherwise, doesn’t mean that they are right, and you are wrong. While I did not stand up for myself at the doctor, and just took what the doctor was throwing at me, I wish I had been able to have a conversation with him, rather than get lectured at. I shouldn’t have to be put down by a doctor who is just afraid of losing a patient to natural skin products instead of his own. I should be able to go to him for questions, and not be told to “stop pussy footing around” with my choices.

On that note, I hope you all have a lovely weekend. If you haven’t already check out my Faceook, and Instagram page. I would love you forever. I have a few cool things coming up for the holiday season!



One thought on “Stand Up for Yourself

  1. I’m so sorry he treated you that way. Skin problems come from poor digestion and a compromised immune system. You are doing ALL the right things. His drugs and creams may sometimes, SOME TIMES, clear the syptoms, temporarily, but they do not correct the problem and in fact can cause more of a problem.

    Soon the truth is going to come out about the poisonous pharmaceutical industry and the dangerous AMA methods.

    Perhaps you can find a holistic doctor or Naturapath who will listen to you, support you in your goals, honor you.

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