Your Time is Worth More than your Money

The phrase “I forgot to eat all day” blows my mind. How does one forget to eat? I understand (kind of) forgetting to drink your coffee in the morning, but food, its like literally everywhere. Don’t you see food at some point and be like, “oh yeah, I eat you. I should probably do that now,” or  “ is that a dying walrus in my house? Oh, nope, that’s just my stomach.” Boggles my mind, just boggles my mind. EAT, PEOPLE, EAT!!!

Rant over. Now for the real stuff. Real talk right now, with me. “Real Talk with Hannah” brought to you by Okay, okay okay, for real. I’m wasting your time rambling silly words to get to the real talk when I could be sparing your time so you can give yours somewhere else other than my blog. I just said time way too many times. By the Way, thanks for reading this if you are.

Double for real now. The food group that I teach here at the local domestic violence and sexual assault shelter is one of my favorite days of the week. I stop by, check out the food pantry, occasionally go to the grocery store to get one or two things to add to dinner, go back, and we cook. It’s like 2 hours a weeks, thats it.

I love it for so many reasons though. Not only am I helping those individuals learn to cook using their resources, but it’s also testing my abailities to come up with simple recipes, and for example the other day the oven was broken and I planned on using it, so I showed them that we could still make our meal by using a skillet, and a cover and it worked just as well!

After the meal was prepared, one of the clients sat down, and prayed aloud. She prayed, thanking for my presence, and being able to come there, and provide a meal. She kept saying how blessed she was for this opportunity and that I have taken my time to be there. I’ve never felt like I’ve impacted someone so much, from something that I basically love doing.

I don’t get paid to do this group. I do it, because I truly enjoy doing it, and want to give some of my time to others. I know its easy to have a super busy schedule with work and school, and whatever else you are doing, and when you get some free time to just want to spend it for yourself. You should do that, BUT maybe just one of those days a month, maybe you help someone else. If you have kids, and say you need to spend time with them, make this a family event. Teach your kids about volunteering, you are never too young to volunteer.

I know many people donate to charities on a fairly regular basis too. If you haven’t checked out “amazon smile” before, you should. They donate so much percent of your amazon purchases to a non profit of your choosing. So all you have to do is buy things on amazon, and you are helping someone out.

They say your time is worth more than you money. Having been an intern and a volunteer at multiple non profits, I think this is so true. Yes, they love receiving donations to be able to buy things they need, but also there is a lot of maintenance to keep up with. Without volunteers coming in, the people who work for the non profit have their jobs to get done, along with maintaining all the other work.  It gets to be a lot. That’s what I really learned as an intern. At first It seemed like you were just told to go clean floors, or do yard work outside, and that I was doing things I wasn’t there to do. I thought I was there to learn how to deal with clients, do intakes, do paperwork, but I soon realized all of those other tasks were also part of being at a non profit. Thats how non profits run.

I challenge you to try to make an effort of just once a month, once every other month, or even just one time, try to volunteer. I know it can seem boring, or you feeling like you a dragging yourself out of the house to go, but just wait, one day someone will notice the help you are doing, and that’s when you realize it all paid off. One way to avoid not wanting to go, is finding somewhere that you can relate with, or somewhere thats offers your interests. If you suffered from addiction, volunteer at a rehabilitation center, if you love sports, go teach kids at the boys and girls club about sports. There are so many different opportunities out there!

Another amazing part is all the people you meet throughout your time there. Depending on where you are, the clientele might change very frequently, and other places you might see the same people for long periods of time. This gives you a chance to hear their stories, see different people are, and honestly some of these people just need someone to talk to. They love that you are there, and will listen to them. You also will meet the other volunteers/interns/staff, and some of them will be role models, support systems, references, and friends forever. Shout out to my intern supervisor, the one who got me started with food group. She rocks. I want you guys to find someone like that. They learn who you are, and help you find more opprotunities for yourself. Again, I sounds like a broken record, but find people who make you a better person, and want you to succeed!

Volunteering makes us realize how fortunate we are. It really is a good time to reflect on the positives things in our lives. Thats another reason why I think everyone should volunteer at least sometime in their life. We start to get caught up in everything, and day by day we don’t see the things we have going for us. We begin to see all the bad stuff, or what we want to change, but then we see how much worse it could be. That fog opens up again, and we see what we have. Using our passions as a way to help other is such a powerful thing. You never know who’s life you are going to touch. You could be the one person to turn someones life around, to make their day, to give that worker an extra hour with her kid because you were able to get some extra stuff done for her. Your time truly matters.







2 thoughts on “Your Time is Worth More than your Money

  1. Great post, Hannah! I love the way you improvised with the out-of-order oven. I served as a volunteer cook at a food pantry and always felt honored to share my passion (cooking!) and inspired ingredient use with some of the most grateful people who have ever eaten the food I prepare. You’re right…it’s definitely time well spent for all!!


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