Days 18-21 Autoimmune snacks


SCHOOOOL’S OUT FOR THE SUMMER! I hope you sang that line like I did. I enjoyed sharing my snacks with you last time, so I thought I would do that again. I also decided that during the summer I want to have a “smoothie of the week” recipe for you guys. I’ve been drinking them everyday now that its warm, and they are so freaking refreshing. So yeah, thats going to be a thing now.

As for my skin, it still has its moment of getting itchy. I haven’t had any serious rashes appear though. I could be more consistent about moisturizing because I know that is one of the most important things to help it, and I have been a little lazy. I have been outside a lot the last few days, and I think the vitamin D has actually really helped it too.

Now for “Hannah’s Next Favorite snack”…

Contestant #1
Sparkling water. I’m typically a La Croix sparking water drinker, but when I run to the local Store down the street this stuff is pretty good too. It’s much cheaper just to buy a box of 12 cans though. It’s a nice change from just water for those non soda drinkers.  

Contestant #2

Did you know that orange carrots aren’t actually the original color of carrots, the yellow ones were, until they started growing a crazy amount of the orange ones. Colored veggies make eating veggies much more exciting, and I swear they taste better!

Contestant #3

This is the tastiest stuff in the world. If you have never tried it, you need too! You can make so many tasty little snack out of it, but I just love to eat a little right off the spoon. It’s a smooth, rich coconutty taste. Yum, Yum, YUM.

Contestant #4
FullSizeRender 3
Any of the fresh finds I can get at the farmers market are always included in my meals during the week. Can we talk about how those green onions go about another 2 feet beyond this picture.

Contestant #5
Mmmmmm Kombucha. This is my favorite brand of Kombucha. All of the flavors are actually really good. It took me a little while to really start liking it, but now I think it’s so good, and a nice source of probiotics!

Contestant #6
This is the brand of tuna I will buy. It’s tuna, I can’t really talk about how tasty it is, but this brand is good for when I mash it with some avocado. 

If you try any of these out, I’d love to hear what you think.

Have a great start to your summer!



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One thought on “Days 18-21 Autoimmune snacks

  1. I admire your discipline! Remember I mentioned Calendula creme or ointment for your skin. I also saw a FB post about diluting Organic Apple Cider vinegar to use on skin. Don’t know if that would help or not.

    Enjoy your summer!


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