Autoimmune Day 6-7

So this morning I woke up with the BIGGEST craving for some dark chocolate. I didn’t even remember until I opened up my cabinet this morning to grab something, that I had a half-full bag of dark chocolate chips from a couple weeks ago tucked in the back. The urge to just have a little hand full was totally there, but I knew one handful would potentially turn into another handful, and then major guilt the rest of the day, so I resisted. Unlike a bar where I can break off a couple squares, or that are already individually rapped,  chocolates chips are so easy to over indulge. Chocolate chips with some peanut butter, or almond butter, OMG, spoonfuls of heaven.

I think it is important for us when we eat, to not just think about what we want to eat at that moment, but how we will feel afterward. We  need to not just  think about the hunger we feel and just trying to fill it with what sounds good, but take a moment to think about the result of the hunger, how are we going to feel after we eat. I personally struggle with a lot of guilt when I over eat something, or “cheat.”  If you are starving when you get home from work, and theres a bag of leftover pizza in the fridge, and a package of thawed chicken, the urge to want to eat right away will make us want to eat the left over pizza, but if we think about how we will feel, and take the time to cook up some chicken which really is not very long, how much better is that going to make us feel. I have begun to think about the after, rather than the now when I eat. It’s helped me stop eating when I am satisfied rather than when I am full, and to decided if something is really worth “cheating” over.

I felt like I haven’t directly talked about self care lately, even though me taking on this diet is my own personal form of self care, but thinking about how we feel is self-care. We are taking the time to make ourselves feel as great as possible. This will help make you happier, and will benefit making healthy life choices in the long run.

So instead of eating the chocolate chips like i mentioned earlier, but still really wanting chocolate, I decided to take some chameleon cold brew, ice, dark cocoa powder, a little coconut milk and a 1/2 tsp honey and blend it up. You know, it actually satisfied my want for chocolate, and it was something different from my typical black coffee. You just gotta get creative when it come to cravings, you never know what will do the trick.

A note about my skin: So I had said I thought my skin was beginning to become less itchy, and then last night, and this morning I was so itchy again, and could not resist scratching, causing my rashes to flair up, and create a couple more. It dawned on me that I used this cheap body wash last night because I did not have the soap I typically use, and then I realized this has happened before when i’ve used the soap. Needless to say, I will not be using this soap again, and I’m blaming the rashes on the soap and not another food I am eating.

In terms of what I have been eating, here you go…

Day 6:

Breakfast: Smoothie and coconut puck

Smoothie Recipe:

1/4 cup frozen blueberries

5-10 ice cubes

lots of spinach and kale

2 Tbs gelatin

1/2 lemon including the peel (must be organic to do this)


Coconut Puck Recipe:

Coconut butter, coconut oil, and cinnamon melted together, and frozen in a muffin tin.

I got this from idea from Juli Bauer. I didn’t add the apples, but I’ve used apple, blueberries, shredded coconut, or just plain many different times. They are all way too delicious. Be careful about serving size though, very easy to want to eat multiple!

Lunch: Tuna, and an avocado mashed together on top of cucumber slices, 2 baby dill pickles, and a sparkling water. I love La Croix (blue can)!


Snack: the rest of my semi-frozen pumpkin puree with cinnamon

Dinner: 4 oz tilapia, steamed broccoli and brussel sprouts

Day 7:

Breakfast: 4 oz turkey sausage with seamed kale, and a coconut puck.

snack: 1/4 cup toasted coconut and my blended coffee

Lunch: tuna with an avocado, 4 cucumber slices.

Dinner: ground turkey  with green onions, garlic, spinach and a mist of coconut aminos cooked in bone broth and steamed asparagus (this is what I plan on making, I haven’t actually eaten it. Will update if changed)

Also, if you think I eat a lot of ground turkey, its because it was on sale plus I had coupons.

Hope everyone is enjoying the sun this weekend if you are in the midwest!






5 thoughts on “Autoimmune Day 6-7

      1. Yes ….whole foods, sprouts if you have, online supplement stores, or an herb store that sells it. Calendula is actually marigold flowers. I had a friend use it on a horrible shoulder sunburn that ended up with a staph infection. It healed quickly with no scars.

        Also, to find what food triggers you…you can take your pulse, note it, then put the food into your mouth for 30 seconds. Then, take your pulse again. If it raises by 5 points or more, your body reacts to it. It is called the Coco pulse test. I learned it in my nutrition training.


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