You are not going to be Khloe Kardashian, Sorry.


Lately, I have seen a lot more post about girl desiring to have bodies of celebrities. They talk about reading these dieting books written by famous, good-looking women, and their success with the program, or fitness routines they do everyday to achieve their perfect body. The more people I saw post about this, the more I felt the need to say something.

It really got to me when,  I read a post on Instagram from a girl I know,  starting a new exercise and diet routine that Khloe Kardashian talked about having so much success on. Her words were something on the lines of “can’t wait to have the body of Khloe Kardashian.”  The thing is, you won’t. Not to sound harsh, but she has her body (plus personal trainers, make up artists, waist trainers and photoshop). You have your body, your life, and your Instagram filters.

Everyone these days has this idea in their mind that if they do exactly what these celebrities do, they are going to have the exact same body them, just with their head pasted on top. How her body changed, may not be exactly how your body is going to change. You both are going to look beautiful in the end, but not the same.

You could put two people on the exact same diet and exercise plan, and they will look completely different. What works for one person, may not work for another.  One person could lose all their weight in their face, and mid region, and gain some muscles in their legs, while the other person lost all their weight in their legs, and face, but still has a stomach. One person could lose no weight, but gain some muscle,  and the other person could shed pounds like crazy. They both may look phenomenal, but still different. We are all different! Embrace it.

You can see this even when people go to get their hair cut. They will bring in a picture of a celebrity and say they want that hair style, and then expect it to look the same when they are done. You have a different head shape, different features, your hair may be thinner/thicker than that celebrity. It’s not going to be the exact same.

With that being said, just keep your eyes on your own body. Yes, it’s easy to get motivation when you see others successes, but try not to sit an examine them and then start comparing yourself. The worst things we can do for ourself is start comparing where we are, to where they are. This doesn’t have to be just with celebrities, but with anyone. Some of us are in high stress situations in our life which can cause our bodies to behave in different ways. We are all in different parts of our lives, and have different daily needs that we need to keep in mind while on our journey to a healthier life.

I’m bringing this up because some people get disappointed by this. Some people lose  more self-esteem because they had such high hopes, and visions for themselves with gaining the bodies of certain people, and being disappointed when the results are not the same. This can cause us to stress out even more.  We begin to think we didn’t do it right, and that we need to  workout harder, and eat even less, when actually we just need to let our bodies relax. Stress is going to make it even harder on your body to achieve those goals. Keep in mind, those celebrities probably didn’t tell you every little detail that went into their transformation.

Instead we need to cherish the hard work, and lifestyle choices we have made, and be proud of our progress. Even though we might not get the same curves as Khloe Kardashian, we have the curves our body is meant to have. Be proud of how your body looks. That’s the great part of being an individual. No one can look exactly like you.




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