8 Tips To Having A Good Day

imageYou know those days where you wake up, and can already tell it is going to be a good day? Today is one of those days. I got some coffee, got to campus early to finish some school work, and I have an interview about my blog later! Yes, an interview!!! I’ll keep you posted about it. I was thinking about what makes my day seem so good, and  I noticed a pattern: They were productive, I felt good, and I was enjoying my time.

Heres my list of 8 Ways to Have a good day

  1. Wake up from a good nights sleep

Waking up naturally, or to your alarm not wanting to hit the snooze button is the biggest part to starting your day off on the right foot. If you did not get enough sleep the night before, it might lead you to hitting the snooze button too many times, making unhealthy decisions during the day, or just being a little grumpy and run down.

2. Dont rush to check social media

This is one I definitely forget sometimes. Its so easy to turn off our alarms, and instantly go to check the texts you missed, emails you may have gotten, or who posted the latest picture on instagram. You never know what type of post you are going to read, or what email you are going to get that may put our bodies in stress mode instantly, good or bad. Lets postpone that for as long as possible. Instead enjoy those last few moments you have in bed to relax. If you have a significant other, get in those last couple minutes of snuggling before you both have to get up, and start your day.

3. Eat a great breakfast

By great, I don’t mean the world largest donut with thick chocolate icing, chocolate filling, and sprinkle, washed down with a iced carmel latte. While that may sound great to you, it’s not going to make your body feel great. Its going to make you feel sluggish in the end. Eat foods that are nutrient dense and satisfying. Eggs, some leafy greens, and some type of protein is my go to breakfast, and it never ceases to fail or make me regret eating it to start my day. Plus, its super easy!

4. Get some exercise

If you feel yourself starting to have a bad day, or you are thinking about making some unhealthy choices, GO EXERCISE! After you get in some exercise, see if you still want to make those choices. It can be just a short 15 minute walk, some squats in your office, anything to get your body moving. Its a great way to clear the head, and keep your mind in the right place during the day. The earlier in the day you can do this, the better!

5. Get the hard chores done first

You know when you have the to do list, and you add those tiny little tasks on there just to be able to cross them off and avoid doing the harder ones? Just get those tough ones over with and be done with them. They make the rest of the day seem like a breeze. This usually involves getting my house cleaned up, and doing the dishes. I always want to do everything else first. Just get them done and over with.

6. Get outside (if weather permits)

You could combine this with the “get some exercise” bullet. I love those sunny days where you feel like you could just walk around outside forever. If you have the option to eat lunch out side, going for a walk, or doing your homework outside, try and do it. The vitamin D is great in boosting our mood. Plus, who doesn’t love a nice sunny days after a very gray winter?

7. Get everything done during the day so you can relax at night.

Knowing that I got everything that needed to be done during the day, so after dinner I can just relax, and not worry about everything is the best. If I didn’t get my workout in, my mind won’t relax until I get it done. If I have homework I still need to do, thats another thing to keep my mind going. I like to be able to eat dinner, and have a little me time before bed. So the more productive you can be during the day, the more greatly like you will be at night.

8. Get to bed

sleep is the most crucial thing to keep our body healthy, and give us energy for the next day. Going to bed a little earlier, and sleeping well throughout the night put you right back in place for bullet one, to have another great day tomorrow! Plus if you are as productive as you can be during the day, you’ll be ready for that’s good night sleep at the end of the day.

I don’t want people to think I follow this everyday to a T, and am the happiest persons ever all the time, but it’s just a good guideline to follow. I try to do these things as much as I can, but no one is perfect and we all have days we just can’t get it all done. Life happens, just stay happy with it.







7 thoughts on “8 Tips To Having A Good Day

  1. Love this! I’ve looked at a couple of your posts they’re so fun! I love getting bigger things done right away, I’m such a morning person! Everything just seems to take longer in the evenings!
    🙂 Kenzie


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